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Frage Nr. 13185: Malus sieversii

Hi, I'm starting an organic and pedagogical orchard in France, near Limoges. I would really like to introduce Malus sieversii as a great exemple of nature successes. I have some questions about your young trees (3l containers for mid-may) : did you had the opportunity to grow up a diversity of malus sieversii as they are each unique when growing freely ? If yes, how many different individus can you grow ? I would have an interest in twenty trees from each variation. As I'm strating a new orchad, I will have a financing agreement only in mars-april 2015. I had to include all the investments in this source of funding, after we agree about the number of trees, could you work up an estimate including shipping to France ? With all my congratulations and gratitude for your production ! Best regards Barbara Campos Soler 35, Les Brousses 87510 Nieul 0033952357072 / 0033695177172

Antwort: My colleague will write you a seperate email.

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